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Wisteria-Floribunda Violacea-Plena 1.5m

Wisteria-Floribunda Violacea-Plena 1.5m

Wisteria Floribunda Violacea-Plena is a beautiful deciduous climber, known for its stunning cascades of fragrant, double purple-blue flowers that bloom in spring and summer. This plant can reach a height of 8-10 meters with a spread of 4-8 meters, making it a perfect choice for covering large structures such as walls, pergolas, and arches.

The flowering time of Wisteria Floribunda Violacea-Plena starts from May and can continue until August, depending on the weather and growing conditions. During this period, the plant produces clusters of densely packed, pea-like flowers that hang down in long, graceful racemes, creating a truly spectacular display.

Wisteria Floribunda Violacea-Plena thrives in a sunny or partially shaded position with well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. It is a hardy plant that can tolerate frost and is relatively easy to grow, making it suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners. However, it does require regular pruning to keep it in check and prevent it from becoming too invasive.

This plant is best grown against a wall or a sturdy support structure to allow the long stems to grow and develop fully. It can also be trained into a tree form or grown as a free-standing specimen with a support system. Once established, Wisteria Floribunda Violacea-Plena is a low-maintenance plant that will reward you with its stunning flowers year after year.


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