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Wisteria Sinesis – 150 – 200cm Instant Impact Range

Wisteria Sinesis – 150 – 200cm Instant Impact Range

Introducing the enchanting Wisteria Sinensis, a timeless and captivating addition to your garden that effortlessly radiates beauty and elegance. With its cascading blooms and delicate fragrance, this climbing vine stands as a true symbol of nature’s artistry.

Reaching an impressive height of up to 30 feet, the Wisteria Sinensis brings vertical drama to any outdoor space. Flourishing in full sun to partial shade, it thrives in well-draining soil with sturdy support for its climbing nature. Whether adorning arbors, pergolas, or walls, this vine adds a touch of romance and charm to your landscape.

The Wisteria Sinensis graces us with its breathtaking blossoms in late spring to early summer. Clusters of fragrant, pendulous flowers drape gracefully from the vine, creating a mesmerizing floral display that attracts pollinators and admirers alike.

To ensure its vitality and abundant flowering, feed your Wisteria Sinensis with a balanced fertilizer in the spring. This provides the necessary nutrients for robust growth and bountiful blooms. Pruning is key to maintaining its shape and encouraging flowering. Prune twice a year: once in the summer after flowering to remove spent blooms and control growth, and again in the winter to shape the plant’s structure.

Elevate your garden’s allure with the Wisteria Sinensis, a captivating vine that promises a spectacle of color and fragrance. Its climbing nature, timeless blooms, and adaptability make it a cherished addition to trellises and arbors. Welcome the elegance of this exceptional plant into your outdoor haven and savor the beauty it brings to every corner.


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