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Plum, Victoria, Patio Fruit Tree

Plum, Victoria, Patio Fruit Tree

The Victoria Patio Plum is a compact and attractive fruit tree, perfect for growing in a pot or container on a patio or balcony. It is a self-fertile variety, which means it doesn’t need another tree for pollination, making it ideal for small gardens or urban spaces.

The best position for the Victoria Patio Plum is a sunny spot with well-drained soil. It should be planted in a large container with good-quality compost and kept well-watered throughout the growing season. The tree should be regularly fed with a balanced fertiliser, especially during the fruiting period.

The Victoria Patio Plum produces its fruit in mid to late August, with large, juicy plums that are perfect for eating straight from the tree or for making into jams and preserves. The fruit has a sweet, juicy flavour and a soft, juicy texture.

The tree itself is compact and will grow to a maximum height of around 1.5 metres, with a spread of around 1 metre. It is easy to maintain and can be pruned to keep its shape and size in check. With its beautiful blossom in spring and delicious fruit in late summer, the Victoria Patio Plum is a fantastic addition to any patio or small garden.


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