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Pear, Bonne Louise Davranches, Patio Fruit Tree

Pear, Bonne Louise Davranches, Patio Fruit Tree

The Bonne Louise Davranches is a compact pear tree that produces juicy, sweet fruit. Perfect for small gardens or patios, this patio fruit tree is an excellent choice for those who want to grow their own fresh fruit.

Best positioned in a sunny and sheltered spot, this patio fruit tree prefers well-drained, fertile soil. It’s important to ensure that the soil remains moist but not waterlogged, so be sure to water regularly during dry periods.

Bonne Louise Davranches is a mid-season variety, which means it usually fruits in late summer. The fruit is medium-sized, with a sweet and juicy flesh that’s perfect for eating fresh or using in cooking.

This patio fruit tree typically grows up to 2-2.5m in height and spreads to a width of 1.5-2m. It’s ideal for planting in a large container, which makes it easy to move around as required.

To ensure the best growth and fruit production, feed this patio fruit tree with a balanced fertilizer in early spring, just before growth begins. You can also add a mulch layer to the soil around the tree to help retain moisture and provide essential nutrients. With proper care and attention, your Bonne Louise Davranches patio fruit tree will provide you with delicious fruit for many years to come.


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