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Sage, Tri colour 1 Ltr

Sage, Tri colour 1 Ltr

Sage Tri Colour is a beautiful and aromatic herb that adds both flavor and aesthetic appeal to any garden. With its variegated green, purple, and cream leaves, it is not only a useful culinary herb but also a decorative one.

Sage Tri Colour prefers a sunny position in well-drained soil. It is a hardy perennial that can be planted year-round, but it thrives best when planted in spring or early autumn. Sage Tri Colour will reach a height of around 40-50 cm and can spread up to 60 cm, so it is important to give it enough space to grow.

This herb is relatively low maintenance and doesn’t require much feeding. However, a general-purpose fertilizer can be applied once or twice a year to encourage healthy growth.

Sage Tri Colour is a great addition to any herb garden as it has a long harvest period from late spring to early autumn. The leaves can be used fresh or dried for cooking, and it pairs particularly well with poultry, pork, and lamb dishes. Sage Tri Colour can also be used to make flavorful teas and infused oils.

Overall, Sage Tri Colour is a versatile and attractive herb that is sure to delight both the senses and taste buds.


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