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Heucura mulberry 2ltr

Heucura mulberry 2ltr

“Heuchera ‘Mulberry’ is a captivating perennial that enhances British gardens with its richly colored foliage and delicate blooms. Growing to a height of 30-40cm, it forms compact mounds of foliage, making it perfect for borders, containers, or mixed plantings.

Ideal in partial shade to full shade, ‘Mulberry’ thrives in moist, well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. From late spring to early summer, it produces slender stems adorned with tiny, bell-shaped flowers in hues of pink or white, which are highly attractive to bees and other pollinators due to their abundant nectar.

Low-maintenance and tolerant of dry conditions once established, ‘Mulberry’ benefits from a light mulch in spring to retain moisture. Deadheading spent flowers encourages prolonged blooming, while any necessary pruning to remove dead or damaged foliage should be done in early spring. Feeding with a balanced fertilizer in spring supports vigorous growth and enhances flowering.

Heuchera ‘Mulberry’ not only adds aesthetic appeal to garden landscapes with its striking foliage and charming flowers but also plays a vital role in supporting local bee populations by providing essential nectar. Its adaptability and ecological benefits make it a valuable addition to wildlife-friendly gardens across the UK.”


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