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Wallflower Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour 6 Pack

Wallflower Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour 6 Pack

Elevate your garden’s elegance with our Wallflower Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour 6 Pack. These enchanting blooms are a delightful fusion of rich purples and delicate whites, creating a captivating visual symphony. Standing at an average height of 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 cm), these compact yet vibrant wallflowers are perfect for both borders and containers, infusing a burst of color into any space.

Flaunting their beauty in early spring, these wallflowers are a beacon of charm with a flowering time that typically spans from March to May. To ensure their optimal growth, plant them in a well-draining soil and a spot that receives ample sunlight, though they can tolerate some light shade. For an extra boost, feed them with a balanced liquid fertilizer every four to six weeks during the growing season.

To maintain their vigor and promote continuous blooming, a light pruning after the first wave of flowers starts to fade is recommended. This encourages new growth and prolongs their flowering period. Deadheading spent blooms will also encourage a neat appearance and foster additional blossoms.

Bring the allure of Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour Wallflowers into your garden for an unforgettable display that enchants the senses. With their captivating hues, adaptable nature, and easy care requirements, these wallflowers are the perfect addition to both novice and seasoned gardeners’ landscapes.


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