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Rhododendron Nova Zembla 5Ltr

Rhododendron Nova Zembla 5Ltr

Rhododendron Nova Zembla is a beautiful evergreen shrub that will make a striking addition to any garden. This variety of Rhododendron is highly popular for its large, showy, bright pink flowers that bloom in May and June, providing a spectacular display. The foliage is glossy, dark green, and attractive all year round, making it an excellent choice for any garden or landscape.

The Rhododendron Nova Zembla prefers a partially shaded position with acidic soil that is well-drained and rich in organic matter. It can grow up to 2-3m in height and spread over a similar area. The plant is hardy and can withstand cold winters and hot summers, making it suitable for most UK gardens.

To encourage healthy growth and flowering, it’s important to fertilize the Rhododendron Nova Zembla with an acidic fertilizer in late winter or early spring before new growth begins. It’s also a good idea to mulch the plant in the autumn to protect the roots from frost and retain moisture.

Overall, the Rhododendron Nova Zembla is a stunning plant that will add colour and beauty to your garden throughout the year. Its spectacular flowers and glossy foliage make it an excellent choice for any garden, and with proper care, it will reward you with a stunning display year after year.


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