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Mini Gold Pampas

Mini Gold Pampas

Mini Gold Pampas is a stunning ornamental grass that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any garden. With its beautiful golden-yellow plumes and graceful arching foliage, this plant is sure to turn heads.

This grass is a compact variety, reaching a height of around 70cm and a spread of 50cm. It prefers a sunny position and will thrive in well-drained soil. Mini Gold Pampas is also drought tolerant, making it an ideal choice for gardens in areas with low rainfall.

In terms of flowering time, Mini Gold Pampas typically blooms from late summer through to autumn, producing an abundance of fluffy, golden-yellow plumes. These plumes can last well into the winter months, providing interest and texture to the garden even after the summer has ended.

To get the best out of Mini Gold Pampas, it is recommended to plant it in groups or clusters, as this will create a more dramatic effect. It can also be used as a focal point in a mixed border, or as a backdrop for other plants.

Overall, Mini Gold Pampas is an excellent choice for adding texture and interest to any garden. Its compact size, stunning golden-yellow plumes, and low maintenance requirements make it a popular choice among gardeners looking for a reliable and easy-to-grow ornamental grass.


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