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Rhododendron Marie Forte 5Ltr

Rhododendron Marie Forte 5Ltr

Rhododendron Marie Forte is a stunning evergreen shrub that produces beautiful clusters of bell-shaped flowers in spring. This shrub is perfect for adding a splash of colour to any garden and is easy to grow and maintain.

Best position: Rhododendron Marie Forte prefers a partially shaded position, with protection from the hot afternoon sun. It thrives in acidic, well-drained soil, so it’s a good idea to add organic matter to the soil when planting.

Flowering time: Rhododendron Marie Forte blooms in late spring, producing clusters of pink, funnel-shaped flowers that attract bees and other pollinators. The flowers contrast beautifully against the dark green foliage.

Height and spread: This rhododendron grows to a height of around 1.5-2m and has a spread of up to 1.5m, making it a good choice for smaller gardens.

When to feed: It’s a good idea to feed Rhododendron Marie Forte with a rhododendron-specific fertiliser in early spring, just before new growth appears. Avoid feeding after mid-summer to avoid promoting late-season growth that may be damaged by frost.

Overall, Rhododendron Marie Forte is a beautiful and low-maintenance shrub that is perfect for adding colour and interest to any garden. With its stunning flowers and evergreen foliage, it is sure to be a favourite for years to come.


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