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Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire 5Ltr

Pieris Japonica Mountain Fire 5Ltr

Pieris Japonica ‘Mountain Fire’ is an evergreen shrub that boasts stunning, fiery red foliage in the spring, before maturing to dark green for the rest of the year. This striking plant produces bell-shaped, creamy-white flowers in late winter and early spring that hang in beautiful clusters.

This hardy shrub can reach a height of up to 2.5m and a spread of up to 1.5m, making it an ideal choice for creating a dramatic focal point in any garden. Its upright, compact habit makes it perfect for borders, containers or as a standalone feature plant.

Pieris Japonica ‘Mountain Fire’ is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal pruning to maintain its shape. It prefers well-drained, acidic soil and partial shade, making it an excellent choice for woodland gardens or shaded areas. However, it can tolerate full sun in cooler climates.

In terms of flowering time, Pieris Japonica ‘Mountain Fire’ typically blooms from late winter to early spring, providing much-needed colour and interest during the colder months. Its foliage is also a standout feature, with the new growth emerging as bright red before maturing to dark green.

Overall, Pieris Japonica ‘Mountain Fire’ is a striking, low-maintenance shrub that is perfect for adding year-round interest to any garden. Its fiery red foliage, beautiful blooms, and compact habit make it a popular choice among gardeners, and it will surely be a standout addition to any landscape.


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