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Phormium Jester

Phormium Jester

Phormium Jester is a stunning ornamental plant that adds a touch of colour and texture to any garden. This evergreen plant is native to New Zealand and features striking variegated foliage with green, cream, and pink stripes.

Phormium Jester typically grows up to 1.5 meters tall and can spread up to 1 meter wide. It has an upright, clumping habit and produces a flower spike that can reach up to 2 meters tall. The flowers, which appear in summer, are small and inconspicuous, but the plant’s real beauty lies in its vibrant foliage.

This plant prefers a sunny position and well-draining soil. It can tolerate some shade, but the colours of its foliage will be less intense. Phormium Jester is also fairly drought-tolerant, making it an excellent choice for dry gardens or xeriscapes.

In terms of maintenance, Phormium Jester is a relatively low-maintenance plant. It can be pruned in early spring to remove any dead or damaged foliage, and fertilized with a balanced fertilizer once a year. However, it’s important to note that this plant can be susceptible to root rot if planted in soil that is too wet.

Overall, Phormium Jester is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for plant that is sure to make a statement in any garden. With its stunning variegated foliage, upright habit, and impressive height, it’s an excellent choice for adding texture, colour, and drama to your landscape.


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