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Phormium Evening Glow

Phormium Evening Glow

The plant has a mature height of around 1.5m, with a spread of 1.2m. This makes it a great choice for a range of garden sizes, and it can be used to create a dramatic focal point or as part of a mixed border. It is a hardy evergreen plant, and in the summer months, it produces tall spikes of red flowers that add an extra layer of interest to the garden.

Phormium Evening Glow is best grown in a sunny position, as this helps to bring out the full intensity of its colours. It is tolerant of a range of soil types, including clay and loam, but it does require good drainage to prevent waterlogging. It is also relatively drought-tolerant once established, making it a low-maintenance option for busy gardeners.

Overall, Phormium Evening Glow is an excellent choice for those looking to add a splash of colour to their garden. With its bold foliage and striking flowers, it is sure to make a statement in any setting. Whether planted as a standalone specimen or as part of a larger planting scheme, it is a plant that is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.


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