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Phormium Duet

Phormium Duet

Phormium Duet typically grows to a height of 2-3 feet (60-90 cm) and has a spread of 2-4 feet (60-120 cm). The plant is known for its upright, sword-shaped leaves that grow in a fan-like arrangement. The leaves are green with bold cream-colored stripes that run down the length of the blade.

Phormium Duet prefers a sunny position with well-draining soil. It is also tolerant of coastal conditions and can handle exposure to salt spray. This makes it an ideal plant for coastal gardens. The plant is relatively low-maintenance, and once established, it is drought-tolerant and does not require frequent watering.

The flowering time of Phormium Duet varies depending on the climate and growing conditions. In the UK, it typically flowers in late spring or early summer, producing tall spikes of small tubular flowers in shades of red or orange. While the flowers are not particularly showy, they do add an extra level of interest to the plant.

Overall, Phormium Duet is a versatile and attractive plant that can be used to add interest and texture to a wide range of garden styles. Whether planted in groups or as a specimen, it is sure to be a standout feature in any garden.


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