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Olea Europea 1/2 std Olive 5ft

Olea Europea 1/2 std Olive 5ft

Olea Europea, commonly known as the Olive tree, is a classic Mediterranean tree that produces delicious olives and adds a touch of elegance to any garden.

The best position for this tree is in a sunny, sheltered spot with well-draining soil. It is best to avoid planting in areas that are exposed to strong winds or frost pockets. When planting, ensure the soil is well-prepared with organic matter to promote healthy root growth. It is recommended to plant the tree in spring or autumn.

Olea Europea can grow up to 5 meters in height and 3 meters in width when mature. It is a relatively low maintenance tree and should be fed with a balanced fertilizer in early spring to promote healthy growth and fruiting. Olives usually develop on second-year wood, so it is important to avoid over-pruning.

Pruning should be carried out in late spring or early summer, after the tree has finished fruiting. Remove any dead or diseased wood and thin out the canopy to promote airflow and sunlight penetration. Pruning can also help maintain the tree’s shape and size.

Overall, Olea Europea is a stunning tree that can add a touch of the Mediterranean to any garden. With proper care and maintenance, it can provide years of enjoyment and beauty, as well as a bountiful harvest of delicious olives.


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