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Heuchera cherryberry 2ltr

Heuchera cherryberry 2ltr

“Heuchera ‘Cherry Berry’ is a stunning perennial prized for its vibrant foliage and delicate flowers, making it a standout in British gardens. Growing to a height of 30-40cm, its compact habit is perfect for borders, rockeries, or containers, where its foliage can be appreciated up close.

Best planted in partial shade to full shade, ‘Cherry Berry’ thrives in moist, well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. From late spring to midsummer, it produces slender stems adorned with tiny, bell-shaped flowers in pink tones, attracting bees and other pollinators with its nectar-rich blooms.

Low-maintenance and drought-tolerant once established, this Heuchera benefits from a light mulch in spring to conserve moisture. Deadheading spent flowers promotes continuous blooming, while pruning can be done in early spring to remove any damaged or dead foliage. Feeding with a balanced fertilizer in spring supports healthy growth and enhances flower production.

Beyond its ornamental value, Heuchera ‘Cherry Berry’ serves as an essential food source for bees, contributing to local biodiversity and pollination efforts. Its striking foliage and long-lasting flowers make it a versatile choice for adding color and ecological benefits to gardens across the UK.”


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