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Frost fleece 20m x 1m

Frost fleece 20m x 1m

Introducing Frost Fleece, the essential garden tool for protecting your plants from frost and cold weather, ensuring they thrive even in challenging conditions. Made from lightweight and breathable material, Frost Fleece provides a protective barrier against frost, wind, and pests while allowing air, water, and sunlight to penetrate, maintaining optimal growing conditions for your plants.

Standing at a standard height, Frost Fleece can be easily draped over plants of various sizes, from delicate seedlings to established shrubs and flowers. Its versatile design makes it suitable for use in borders, vegetable patches, containers, and greenhouse settings.

Timing is crucial when using Frost Fleece. Cover your plants before frost or cold weather is forecasted, ensuring they are fully protected during the coldest periods. While Frost Fleece provides temporary protection, it’s essential to remove it during warmer periods to prevent overheating and allow plants to breathe freely.

While Frost Fleece may not directly affect flowering time, it helps extend the growing season by protecting plants from early or late frosts, allowing them to flower and produce fruit for longer periods. Additionally, by safeguarding plants from adverse weather conditions, Frost Fleece indirectly benefits pollinators by preserving the availability of nectar and pollen-producing flowers, ensuring a continuous food source for bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects. Invest in Frost Fleece today and safeguard your garden against the unpredictability of British weather while supporting pollinator populations and promoting healthy plant growth.


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