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Desiree Scottish Seed Potatoes

Desiree Scottish Seed Potatoes

Desiree Scottish Seed Potatoes are a popular and versatile potato variety that produce large, red-skinned potatoes with a creamy, fluffy texture. They are ideal for roasting, baking or mashing.

The best position for planting Desiree Scottish Seed Potatoes is in a sunny, sheltered spot with well-drained soil. The soil should be prepared in advance with plenty of organic matter, such as well-rotted compost or manure, to ensure optimal growth.

These seed potatoes should be planted in early spring, once the soil has warmed up and there is no risk of frost. The ideal planting time is from mid-March to mid-April, depending on your location in the UK. The seed potatoes should be planted around 10-15cm deep, with a spacing of 30-40cm between each potato.

Desiree Scottish Seed Potatoes are typically ready to harvest in mid to late summer, around 16-20 weeks after planting. The potatoes should be dug up carefully with a fork or spade, being careful not to damage the delicate skins.

To ensure the best possible crop, it is important to feed Desiree Scottish Seed Potatoes regularly. This can be done using a balanced potato fertiliser, which should be applied every 4-6 weeks from planting until the potato plants begin to die back. This will help to promote healthy growth and a bountiful harvest.


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