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Cordyline Torbay Dazzler 5Ltr

Cordyline Torbay Dazzler 5Ltr

Introducing the Cordyline Torbay Dazzler 5Ltr, a stunning and versatile addition to any garden with its variegated foliage and tropical appeal. Also known as the Torbay Palm, this evergreen perennial adds a touch of exotic flair to borders, containers, or as a striking focal point in your outdoor space.

Reaching a height of approximately 1.5 to 2 meters and spreading 1 to 1.5 meters wide, Cordyline Torbay Dazzler creates a bold vertical accent with its tall, slender form and vibrant variegated leaves featuring cream and green stripes.

While Cordyline Torbay Dazzler is primarily grown for its foliage, it can produce small, fragrant blooms on mature specimens, typically in late spring to early summer.

For optimal growth, plant your Cordyline Torbay Dazzler in a sunny to partially shaded position with well-draining soil. It thrives in a sheltered location and is tolerant of various soil types. Planting can be done year-round, but spring is generally the best time to plant to allow the roots to establish before the growing season begins.

Cordyline Torbay Dazzler does not require frequent feeding, but applying a balanced fertilizer in spring can help promote healthy growth and vibrant foliage. While not specifically known for attracting pollinators, Cordyline Torbay Dazzler can still provide habitat and shelter for small insects and birds in your garden, contributing to overall biodiversity.



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