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Choisya Aztec-Pearl is a stunning evergreen shrub that’s perfect for adding colour and interest to any garden. This plant is native to Mexico and is widely grown in the UK due to its hardiness and ability to thrive in different soil types.

At maturity, Choisya Aztec-Pearl can reach a height of around 2.5m and a spread of up to 2m, making it an ideal plant for filling in larger spaces in the garden. It’s also easy to maintain and is relatively disease-free, making it a great choice for novice gardeners.

This shrub produces masses of sweet-smelling white flowers from late spring to early summer, which are followed by a second flush of blooms in the autumn. The flowering time is generally between May and June, and the blooms will last for several weeks.

When it comes to positioning, Choisya Aztec-Pearl thrives in full sun or partial shade and prefers well-drained soil. It’s best to plant it in a sheltered position away from cold winds to protect the delicate flowers.

In summary, if you’re looking for an attractive and easy-to-maintain shrub that will bring colour and fragrance to your garden, Choisya Aztec-Pearl is an excellent choice. With its evergreen foliage, sweet-smelling white flowers, and hardiness, this plant is sure to be a welcome addition to any garden.


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