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Ceanothus eldorado 2ltr

Ceanothus eldorado 2ltr

Introducing Ceanothus ‘Eldorado,’ a dazzling shrub destined to illuminate your garden with its golden foliage and abundant clusters of sky-blue flowers. This evergreen marvel boasts a compact and bushy habit, reaching heights of up to 1.5 meters, making it a versatile addition to borders, containers, or as an eye-catching focal point.

Flowering from late spring to early summer, Ceanothus ‘Eldorado’ bursts into bloom with a profusion of delicate blue blossoms, captivating both gardeners and pollinators alike. Planted in a sunny, sheltered position with well-drained soil, this beauty thrives and becomes a magnet for bees and butterflies, providing them with a rich source of nectar.

For optimal growth and flowering, plant Ceanothus ‘Eldorado’ in spring, ensuring it’s protected from frost during the colder months. Regular watering during dry spells and feeding with a balanced fertilizer in spring and early summer will encourage lush foliage and bountiful blooms, ensuring its continued splendor throughout the seasons.

Beyond its ornamental appeal, Ceanothus ‘Eldorado’ plays a crucial role in supporting pollinator populations, offering a vital food source during its flowering period. By cultivating this stunning shrub, you’re not only enhancing the beauty of your garden but also contributing to the preservation of essential pollinators, fostering a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.


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