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Camellia Roja

Camellia Roja

Elevate your garden with the Camellia Roja, a magnificent addition to the UK landscape. This evergreen beauty thrives in a sheltered, partially shaded position, making it ideal for planting under taller trees or near a wall. Its lush, glossy foliage remains vibrant year-round, providing visual interest even when not in bloom.

The Camellia Roja truly shines in late winter to early spring when it bursts into a breathtaking display of striking, deep-red blossoms. To keep it thriving, feed your Camellia Roja with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in spring and early summer. Pruning should be minimal and done right after flowering to maintain its natural, graceful form and encourage future blooms.

But that’s not all – Camellia Rojas are a magnet for pollinators. Their early-season blooms provide essential nectar for bees and other pollinating insects, helping support local wildlife while enhancing your garden’s beauty. Choose the Camellia Roja for a stunning, low-maintenance shrub that contributes to the biodiversity of your outdoor space.


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