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Basket white cones 2 for £40

Basket white cones 2 for £40

Featuring an array of winter-flowering plants, including pansies, violas, and primroses, this basket brings joy from late autumn through early spring, ensuring your garden remains a beacon of beauty all season long.

For optimal growth and enjoyment, place your Winter Bedding Hanging Basket in a partially shaded area, sheltered from harsh winds. Planting should ideally take place in early autumn to allow the roots to establish before the onset of winter.

Regular feeding with a balanced fertilizer is recommended to support healthy growth and prolonged flowering. Simply feed every two weeks throughout the growing season for best results.

What truly sets our Winter Bedding Hanging Basket apart is its irresistible allure to pollinators. As other flowers fade into dormancy, these winter blooms provide a vital food source for bees and other pollinating insects, ensuring your garden remains a haven for biodiversity even in the coldest months. Embrace the beauty of winter with our captivating Winter Bedding Hanging Basket – a testament to nature’s resilience and splendor.


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