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Apple, James Grieves, Patio Fruit Tree

Apple, James Grieves, Patio Fruit Tree

Apple ‘James Grieves’ is a popular dessert apple that is known for its unique flavor and attractive appearance. It is a medium-sized apple with a yellow-green skin, flushed with orange-red and russet patches. The flesh is white, crisp, and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor that is highly aromatic.

The best position to plant ‘James Grieves’ apple tree is in a sunny, sheltered spot with well-drained soil. It can tolerate a range of soil types but prefers moist, fertile soil. The tree should be planted in autumn or winter while it is dormant. It is important to choose a rootstock that is appropriate for the size of the garden, as the tree can grow up to 5m tall.

The fruiting time of ‘James Grieves’ apple tree is in mid to late season, usually in September or October. The tree is a heavy cropper and produces large, regular-sized apples that are perfect for eating fresh or cooking.

The height and spread of the tree can vary depending on the rootstock, but it generally grows up to 5m tall with a spread of 4m. Pruning and training the tree will help to control its size and shape, and improve fruiting.

To feed ‘James Grieves’ apple tree, it is recommended to apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring before the buds start to grow. Additional feeding may be necessary depending on the soil fertility and the tree’s growth. Regular watering is important, especially during dry periods to ensure good fruit development.


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