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Hebe Addenda Classica Tricolor 3L

Hebe Addenda Classica Tricolor 3L

Introducing the captivating Hebe Addenda Classica Tricolor – a true masterpiece that will infuse your garden with a symphony of colors and charm. Standing at a graceful height of 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm), this compact evergreen shrub is a must-have for any landscape.

Position the Classica Tricolor in well-draining soil and provide it with a spot that receives full sunlight to partial shade. Whether nestled in borders, containers, or used as a ground cover, this Hebe’s versatility shines through, enhancing any outdoor space it graces.

Get ready to be enchanted as this Hebe blooms from late spring through early summer, showcasing an array of delicate pink flowers that perfectly complement its variegated foliage. Its flowering spectacle will undoubtedly become a focal point in your garden.

For optimal growth and vibrancy, feed your Classica Tricolor with a balanced liquid fertilizer in early spring, just as new growth emerges. This ensures the plant receives the nutrients it needs to produce its stunning foliage and blossoms.

Pruning is a simple task with the Classica Tricolor. After the blooming period, a light trim will help maintain its shape and encourage healthy growth. This low-maintenance shrub is a fantastic choice for both novice gardeners and seasoned enthusiasts.

Elevate your garden’s allure with the Hebe Addenda Classica Tricolor. Its year-round beauty, captivating blossoms, and easy-care nature make it a cherished addition that will continue to grace your garden with its charm and elegance.


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