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Wisteria-Floribunda Longissima-Alba is a beautiful climbing plant that produces cascades of fragrant, white flowers in late spring and early summer. This stunning plant is a popular choice for gardeners looking to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor spaces.

Best Position: Wisteria-Floribunda Longissima-Alba thrives in a sunny position and prefers well-drained soil. It is a climber and needs support from a trellis, wall, or pergola to grow properly.

When to plant: The best time to plant Wisteria-Floribunda Longissima-Alba is in the autumn or early spring, when the soil is moist and the weather is mild. This allows the plant to establish its roots before the hot summer months.

Flowering time: Wisteria-Floribunda Longissima-Alba blooms in late spring and early summer, typically between May and June. The fragrant, white flowers hang in long, cascading clusters, creating a beautiful display that can be enjoyed from afar or up close.

In addition to its stunning appearance, Wisteria-Floribunda Longissima-Alba is also easy to care for. Regular pruning is important to keep the plant in check and to encourage healthy growth. With the right care, this beautiful climber can provide years of enjoyment and add a touch of natural beauty to any outdoor space.


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