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Vinca Ralph Shugert 2 Ltr

Vinca Ralph Shugert 2 Ltr

Vinca minor ‘Ralph Shugert’ is a low-growing evergreen ground cover that is highly valued for its attractive foliage and vibrant blue-purple flowers.

Best position: Vinca minor ‘Ralph Shugert’ is best planted in a position in partial shade to full sun, in moist, well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. This plant is ideal for woodland gardens, rock gardens, and as a ground cover beneath trees and shrubs. It is also suitable for growing in containers.

Flowering time: Vinca minor ‘Ralph Shugert’ produces lovely blue-purple flowers that bloom from spring to autumn, with the peak flowering period occurring in late spring. The flowers are highly attractive to bees and other pollinators, making this plant a valuable addition to any wildlife garden.

When to feed: Vinca minor ‘Ralph Shugert’ benefits from a balanced fertiliser applied in early spring. A slow-release fertiliser can also be added to the soil in late winter or early spring. Avoid over-fertilising the plant as it can lead to weak growth and reduced flowering.

When to prune: Vinca minor ‘Ralph Shugert’ requires very little pruning, except to remove any dead or damaged leaves or stems. To maintain a tidy appearance, the plant can be lightly sheared in late spring or early summer. Note that this plant can be invasive in some areas, so it is important to monitor its growth and contain it if necessary.


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