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Viburnam Tinus – 60 – 80cm – Instant Impact Range

Viburnam Tinus – 60 – 80cm – Instant Impact Range

Introducing the Viburnum Tinus, a versatile and enchanting shrub that effortlessly enhances the allure of your garden year-round. With its evergreen foliage and delicate blooms, this plant brings a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

Reaching a height of approximately 6 to 12 feet, the Viburnum Tinus stands as a graceful presence in various garden settings. Thriving in full sun to partial shade, it prefers well-draining soil and adapts beautifully as a hedge, border, or standalone specimen. Its adaptable nature makes it a versatile choice for both traditional and contemporary landscapes.

Flourishing in the late winter to early spring, the Viburnum Tinus delights with clusters of pink buds that gradually open to reveal fragrant white flowers. This early bloom adds a refreshing burst of color to the winter garden, attracting pollinators and lifting the spirits of all who behold it.

For optimal growth and vibrant foliage, feed your Viburnum Tinus with a balanced slow-release fertilizer in the spring. This provides essential nutrients for sustained health and robust development. Pruning is typically carried out after flowering in late spring or early summer. Remove any dead or diseased branches to promote new growth and maintain its shape.

Elevate your garden’s elegance with the Viburnum Tinus, a captivating shrub that promises year-round beauty and charm. Its evergreen foliage, fragrant flowers, and adaptability make it a cherished addition to any landscape. Welcome this enchanting plant into your outdoor sanctuary and relish in its enduring allure.


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