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Stipa Ponytails 2ltr

Stipa Ponytails 2ltr

Stipa Ponytails, also known as Mexican Feather Grass, is a compact perennial grass reaching heights of approximately 60-90 centimeters. Its fine, cascading foliage forms soft, fluffy tufts resembling ponytails, creating a mesmerizing display in borders, rock gardens, or containers.

This delightful grass blooms in late spring to early summer, producing delicate feathery flower heads that sway gracefully in the breeze, adding a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.

Plant Stipa Ponytails in a position with full sunlight and well-drained soil. It thrives in various soil types and is drought tolerant once established, requiring minimal watering.

To plant, ensure spacing of approximately 30-45 centimeters between plants to allow for its graceful growth habit. Feed Stipa Ponytails with a balanced fertilizer in early spring to promote healthy growth and blooming.

Stipa Ponytails’ airy flower heads not only provide visual interest but also attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. These beneficial insects are drawn to the nectar-rich blooms, contributing to essential pollination processes and enhancing biodiversity in your garden. By incorporating Stipa Ponytails into your outdoor space, you not only enjoy its beauty but also support local pollinator populations. Embrace the charm and ecological benefits of Stipa Ponytails in your garden today!


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