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Rosa Nina Weibull

Rosa Nina Weibull

Rosa Nina Weibull is a stunning hybrid tea rose variety that is highly prized for its exceptional beauty, fragrant aroma, and vibrant colours. This rose is ideal for those who want a statement plant that will brighten up their garden or outdoor space.

Rosa Nina Weibull has a relatively tall and upright growth habit, reaching a height of up to 1.5m (5ft) and a spread of around 1m (3ft). It produces large, showy blooms that can be up to 10cm (4in) in diameter, with a classic rose shape and a rich, pinkish-red hue. The flowers have a strong and sweet fragrance that is sure to enchant anyone in the vicinity.

In terms of flowering time, Rosa Nina Weibull is a repeat-blooming variety, which means that it produces flowers throughout the growing season, from late spring to early autumn. The first flush of flowers typically appears in late spring, with subsequent flushes appearing every 4-6 weeks thereafter.

To get the best out of your Rosa Nina Weibull, it is recommended that you plant it in a sunny or partially shaded spot that is sheltered from strong winds. The soil should be fertile, well-draining, and slightly acidic, with a pH level of around 6.5. Regular watering and feeding are essential to ensure healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Overall, Rosa Nina Weibull is a superb choice for anyone looking for a show-stopping rose variety that is both visually stunning and highly fragrant. Its tall, upright growth habit, repeat-blooming nature, and vibrant pinkish-red blooms make it an excellent addition to any garden or outdoor space.


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