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Rosa Baku

Rosa Baku

Rosa Baku, also known as the ‘Baku’ rose, is a stunning addition to any garden. This beautiful shrub rose produces large, fragrant flowers that bloom from early summer to autumn, filling the air with a sweet scent. The blooms are a deep, velvety red, and are set off by glossy, dark green foliage.

This rose grows to a height of around 1.2 meters and has a spread of up to 1 meter, making it a great choice for planting in garden borders, beds or as a low hedge. It prefers a sunny position, although it can tolerate partial shade. The Baku rose thrives in well-draining soil and benefits from regular watering during the growing season. It is hardy and can tolerate temperatures down to -15°C, making it suitable for growing in most parts of the UK.

The flowering time of Rosa Baku is from early summer to autumn, with a peak bloom period in June and July. It is a repeat-flowering variety, meaning it will produce several flushes of blooms throughout the growing season. Regular deadheading will encourage more flowers to bloom.

Overall, Rosa Baku is a beautiful and easy-to-grow rose variety that will add colour, fragrance and texture to any garden. Its striking flowers and dark green foliage make it an excellent choice for both formal and informal garden settings.


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