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Rhododendron Marcel Menard 5Ltr

Rhododendron Marcel Menard 5Ltr

Rhododendron Marcel Menard is a stunning evergreen shrub that produces an abundance of showy blooms in late spring to early summer. The large, funnel-shaped flowers are a deep shade of pink with prominent dark red speckling on the upper lobes, providing a striking contrast against the dark green foliage.

This rhododendron thrives in a partially shaded position with well-draining acidic soil that is rich in organic matter. It is important to ensure that the soil remains moist, especially during dry spells, as prolonged dryness can lead to leaf drop and reduced flowering. Marcel Menard can grow up to 2.5m in height and spread, making it an excellent choice for large borders or as a feature plant.

To encourage healthy growth and optimal flowering, it is recommended to feed this rhododendron with a balanced fertilizer in early spring and late summer. Regular pruning is also beneficial for maintaining a neat and tidy appearance, and for promoting the growth of new shoots and flowers.

Overall, Rhododendron Marcel Menard is a stunning and reliable shrub that will add beauty and interest to any garden setting. Its magnificent flowers and lush foliage make it a perfect choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.


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