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Rhododendron Blue Jay 5 Ltr

Rhododendron Blue Jay 5 Ltr

Rhododendron Blue Jay is a stunning evergreen shrub that is highly sought after for its vibrant flowers that bloom in late spring to early summer. This variety is a popular choice among gardeners due to its compact size and stunning blooms.

Rhododendron Blue Jay typically grows up to 1.5 metres in height and can spread up to 1.5 metres as well. It is a slow-growing shrub that thrives in acidic soil with good drainage. This variety is best planted in a partially shaded area as it cannot tolerate direct sunlight. It is also important to note that Rhododendron Blue Jay prefers a sheltered spot as it is susceptible to wind damage.

In terms of flowering time, Rhododendron Blue Jay typically blooms from late May to early June. Its striking flowers are trumpet-shaped and can grow up to 5 centimetres in diameter. The blooms are borne in large clusters, making it a stunning sight to behold when in full bloom.

Rhododendron Blue Jay is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal pruning. However, it is important to remove any dead or damaged branches to promote healthy growth. With proper care and maintenance, this variety can thrive for many years, adding a burst of colour and vibrancy to any garden or landscape.


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