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Raspberry Octavia 7.5ltr

Raspberry Octavia 7.5ltr

Raspberry Octavia typically grows to a height of 1.5 to 2 meters, producing sturdy canes laden with delicious, juicy berries. This variety blooms in late spring to early summer, and its fruit ripens from mid to late summer, providing a prolonged harvest season.

Plant Raspberry Octavia in a position with full sunlight and well-drained, fertile soil. It thrives in various soil types but benefits from regular watering, particularly during dry spells and when the fruits are forming.

To plant, ensure spacing of around 60-90 centimeters between plants to allow for proper growth and airflow. Raspberry Octavia is relatively low-maintenance but benefits from a yearly application of a balanced fertilizer in early spring to promote healthy growth and fruit production.

While Raspberry Octavia’s primary appeal lies in its delicious berries, its flowers also serve as a valuable food source for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. These essential insects are attracted to the nectar-rich blooms, aiding in essential pollination processes and supporting biodiversity in your garden. By cultivating Raspberry Octavia, you not only enjoy its flavorful fruits but also contribute to the well-being of local pollinator populations. Embrace the taste and ecological benefits of Raspberry Octavia in your garden today!


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