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Introducing our Radish Mixed Multi-Strip Pack, a colorful assortment of radish seeds that are easy to grow and perfect for adding some zing to your salads and sandwiches.

Radishes thrive in a sunny or partially shaded spot with moist, well-drained soil. They grow quickly and can be sown from early spring to late summer, depending on your preferred harvesting time. With this mix, you’ll enjoy a range of different radish varieties, each with its own unique flavor and texture.

The radish plants typically grow to a height of around 6-8 inches and can spread to around 4-6 inches wide, depending on the variety. They are a compact plant, making them perfect for container gardening or for small garden spaces.

In terms of feeding, radishes don’t require a lot of fertilizer. In fact, over-fertilization can lead to the development of too much foliage at the expense of root growth. Instead, we recommend applying a balanced fertilizer before planting and ensuring that the soil is consistently moist throughout the growing season.

The radishes in this mix will mature at different rates depending on the variety, but generally, you can expect to harvest them within 20-30 days after planting. For best results, harvest them when they are young and tender. Enjoy them sliced thinly in salads or sandwiches or as a crunchy snack on their own.

Overall, our Radish Mixed Multi-Strip Pack is a great addition to any vegetable garden. With their vibrant colors and zesty flavors, these radishes are sure to add some interest and excitement to your meals. Plus, with multiple seed strips included, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment with different varieties and growing methods.


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