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Prunus Nipponica – Brilliant

Prunus Nipponica – Brilliant

Prunus Nipponica – Brilliant, commonly known as the Japanese Alpine Cherry, is a small deciduous tree that is native to Japan. This stunning tree is often planted for its beautiful display of fragrant pink flowers in the springtime, making it a popular choice for gardens and landscapes.

With a mature height of around 6m, Prunus Nipponica – Brilliant is a relatively small tree, making it ideal for smaller gardens or as a specimen tree in larger landscapes. Its spread is also relatively narrow, typically around 3-4m, so it won’t take up too much space.

Prunus Nipponica – Brilliant is a relatively slow-growing tree, but once established, it will produce an abundance of pink flowers in the springtime. The flowering time is usually in late April or early May, and the blooms will last for several weeks. During the summer months, the tree will have glossy green foliage that turns shades of orange and red in the autumn.

This tree prefers to be grown in a sunny or partially shaded position in well-draining soil. It is hardy and can tolerate cold temperatures, but it does not fare well in overly wet or waterlogged soil. It is important to water the tree regularly, especially during hot and dry periods, to ensure that it stays healthy and hydrated.

In summary, Prunus Nipponica – Brilliant is a beautiful and low-maintenance tree that is ideal for gardens and landscapes of all sizes. With its stunning display of pink flowers, glossy foliage, and manageable size, it is sure to add beauty and charm to any outdoor space.


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