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Plum, Hauszwetsche, 5Ft

Plum, Hauszwetsche, 5Ft

Plum, Hauszwetsche, is a traditional European variety of plum that is known for its sweet and juicy fruits, and is an excellent choice for eating fresh or for cooking and baking.

The best position for planting Hauszwetsche plum trees is in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. The soil should be rich in organic matter and have a pH level of around 6.0 to 7.0. Plum trees should be planted during the dormant season, which is typically between late autumn and early spring.

Hauszwetsche plum trees typically take around 2-4 years from planting to fruiting, depending on the growing conditions. This variety produces medium to large-sized fruits that are ready to harvest in late summer, typically from August to September.

The tree itself can grow up to 4-5 meters tall and spread out to a width of around 3-4 meters. To encourage healthy growth and fruiting, Hauszwetsche plum trees should be fed regularly with a balanced fertilizer, preferably every spring.

Hauszwetsche plum trees are partially self-fertile, meaning they can produce fruit without another plum tree for pollination. However, planting another variety of plum tree nearby can increase the likelihood of successful pollination and a larger harvest.

Overall, Hauszwetsche is a delicious and reliable variety of plum that produces high-quality fruits. It is a great choice for home gardeners and orchard growers, and is sure to delight plum lovers of all ages.


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