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Photinia Red Robin – Instant impact Range

Photinia Red Robin – Instant impact Range

Introducing the vibrant Photinia Red Robin, a show-stopping shrub that effortlessly adds a burst of color and charm to your garden. With its striking red new growth and glossy green leaves, this evergreen plant is a statement piece that commands attention year-round.

Reaching a mature height of around 6 to 10 feet, the Photinia Red Robin stands as a bold presence in your outdoor space. Flourishing in full sun to partial shade, it thrives in well-draining soil and adapts seamlessly to hedges, borders, or standalone specimens. Its versatility and visual impact make it an ideal choice for both traditional and contemporary landscapes.

While its primary charm lies in its foliage, the Photinia Red Robin occasionally surprises with small, inconspicuous white flowers in late spring. These blossoms, though modest, offer an additional layer of appeal to the plant’s vibrant display.

To ensure its growth and vitality, feed your Photinia Red Robin with a balanced slow-release fertilizer in the spring. This supplies essential nutrients for robust foliage and sustained vibrancy. Pruning is best performed in late spring or early summer, after the flowering period. Trim back any unwanted or overgrown branches to maintain the shrub’s shape and promote new growth.

Elevate your garden’s allure with the Photinia Red Robin, a standout shrub that promises year-round beauty and drama. Its red foliage, glossy leaves, and versatile nature make it a prized addition to any landscape. Welcome this captivating plant into your outdoor haven and enjoy its striking presence for years to come.


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