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Peat Free Multipurpose x 3 Multi buy

Peat Free Multipurpose x 3 Multi buy

Peat Free Multipurpose compost is an ideal solution for gardeners looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional peat-based composts. This product is made from a blend of sustainably sourced materials that provide excellent growing conditions for a wide range of plants.

This compost is perfect for use in a variety of gardening applications, from potting up plants to use in beds and borders. It provides a nutrient-rich growing medium that encourages healthy growth and vibrant blooms. The peat-free formula means that it is kinder to the environment, as the use of peat in gardening has been linked to the destruction of important habitats and the release of harmful greenhouse gases.

In this 3 multi buy pack, you will receive three bags of Peat Free Multipurpose compost, making it an excellent value for money option for gardeners who need a larger quantity of compost for their projects. Each bag contains 40 litres of compost, providing you with plenty of material to use in your garden.

So if you’re a gardener who is looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional peat-based compost, look no further than Peat Free Multipurpose compost. With its nutrient-rich formula and great value multi buy offer, it’s the perfect choice for all your gardening needs.


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