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Lobellia Queen Victoria

Lobellia Queen Victoria

Introducing the regal Lobelia Queen Victoria, a striking and majestic addition to your garden that effortlessly adds a burst of rich color and drama to any landscape. With its deep crimson foliage and vibrant spikes of flowers, this perennial stands as a true symbol of elegance.

Reaching a height of approximately 2 to 3 feet, the Lobelia Queen Victoria boasts a commanding presence. Flourishing in partial to full sun, it thrives in moist, well-draining soil and adapts splendidly to various garden settings. Whether used as a border plant, in containers, or as a focal point, its versatile nature makes it a prized choice for adding depth and allure to your garden design.

The Lobelia Queen Victoria steals the spotlight with its vivid spikes of scarlet flowers that emerge in mid to late summer. These brilliant blooms attract pollinators and provide a captivating contrast against the plant’s dark foliage, creating an eye-catching spectacle that lasts for weeks.

To ensure its vigor and prolonged flowering, feed your Lobelia Queen Victoria with a balanced liquid fertilizer in the spring and again in mid-summer. This supplies the necessary nutrients for robust growth and vibrant blooms. Pruning is minimal, but you can trim back faded flower spikes to encourage continuous flowering and maintain a neat appearance.

Elevate your garden’s allure with the Lobelia Queen Victoria, a captivating perennial that promises a season-long display of regal beauty. Its deep foliage, brilliant blooms, and versatile form make it a cherished addition to various garden settings. Embrace the elegance of this exceptional plant and transform your outdoor space into a haven of opulence.


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