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Leylandii Oger – 125 – 150cm – Instant Impact Range

Leylandii Oger – 125 – 150cm – Instant Impact Range

Introducing the Leylandii ‘Oger,’ a fast-growing and attractive evergreen conifer that will transform your UK garden into a private sanctuary. With a mature height of approximately 3 to 4 meters, the ‘Oger’ variety is an excellent choice for creating hedges, screens, or as a standalone specimen tree to add privacy and greenery to your outdoor space.

The Leylandii ‘Oger’ is primarily grown for its lush, dense foliage of deep green and a naturally narrow, columnar shape, making it an ideal choice for space-conscious gardens or areas where a tall hedge is desired.

While the ‘Oger’ variety is not grown for its flowers, it may produce small, inconspicuous cones in late autumn to winter, adding subtle interest to the tree.

For best results, plant the Leylandii ‘Oger’ in a sunny to partially shaded position with well-draining soil. It is a robust conifer that can tolerate various soil types, making it adaptable to most UK regions.

To encourage its rapid growth and ensure vibrant greenery, feed the Leylandii ‘Oger’ with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in early spring. This will provide essential nutrients, promoting healthy foliage and vigorous development.

As for pruning, the ‘Oger’ variety requires regular trimming to maintain its shape and size. Prune once a year in late spring or early summer to encourage dense growth and keep the tree looking neat and tidy.

The Leylandii ‘Oger’ is a versatile and practical choice for creating natural screens or boundaries in your garden. Its rapid growth, low maintenance, and attractive appearance make it a popular option among gardeners seeking a reliable and visually appealing conifer. Enhance your garden’s privacy and beauty with the Leylandii ‘Oger’ and enjoy its evergreen charm year-round.


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