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Laurel Caucasica – 150 – 175cm – Instant Impact Range

Laurel Caucasica – 150 – 175cm – Instant Impact Range

Introducing the majestic Laurel Caucasica, a versatile and captivating addition to your outdoor sanctuary. With its lush, glossy leaves and classic appeal, this evergreen shrub is a symbol of timeless elegance.

Reaching an impressive height of up to 8 feet, the Laurel Caucasica commands attention with its stately presence. Flourishing in a variety of settings, from full sun to partial shade, it thrives in well-draining soil. Whether used as a privacy screen, hedge, or standalone specimen, the Laurel Caucasica adapts seamlessly to your landscaping vision.

While not primarily known for its flowers, the Laurel Caucasica occasionally produces small, fragrant blooms in the spring. These delicate blossoms add a touch of charm to its already splendid foliage, creating an enchanting visual display.

To ensure its vitality and vigor, feed your Laurel Caucasica with a balanced slow-release fertilizer in the early spring. This will provide the necessary nutrients for robust growth and vibrant greenery. Pruning is recommended in the late spring after flowering to maintain its shape and encourage new growth. Regular pruning also aids in keeping its lush appearance and preventing overgrowth.

Elevate your garden’s sophistication with the Laurel Caucasica, a versatile and hardy shrub that promises year-round beauty. Its glossy leaves, adaptable nature, and graceful stature make it an ideal choice for those seeking enduring elegance in their outdoor oasis. Welcome this exquisite shrub into your landscape and relish in its timeless allure.


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