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Carex Everillo

Carex Everillo

Carex Everillo is an ornamental grass that is perfect for adding a touch of texture and interest to any garden or landscape. This striking evergreen grass features slender, bright gold leaves that arch gracefully and provide a beautiful contrast to other greenery. Here is a product description that includes all the information you need to know to care for your Carex Everillo.

Flowering Time: Carex Everillo is an ornamental grass that does not produce flowers. Instead, it is grown for its striking foliage.

Height: This grass can grow up to 30cm tall and wide, making it an ideal choice for adding structure and interest to a border or rockery. It can also be grown in containers or as a ground cover.

Spread: Carex Everillo has a clumping growth habit, so it will not spread aggressively like some other ornamental grasses. This makes it a great choice for small gardens or confined spaces.

Best Position: This grass thrives in full sun or partial shade and prefers moist, well-drained soil. It is easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance once established. It is also deer-resistant, making it a good choice for gardens where deer may be a problem.

Overall, Carex Everillo is a beautiful and easy-to-grow ornamental grass that will add interest and texture to any garden or landscape. With its striking gold foliage and compact size, it is sure to be a standout in your garden.


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