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Forsythia Intermedia Week-End 3ltr

Forsythia Intermedia Week-End 3ltr

Forsythia Intermedia Week-End is a stunning deciduous shrub that is ideal for adding a vibrant burst of colour to your garden in early spring. This particular variety of forsythia is known for its compact, rounded growth habit, making it perfect for smaller gardens or for planting in containers.

The plant produces an abundance of bright yellow flowers that cover the bare stems before the leaves emerge. The flowering time for Forsythia Intermedia Week-End is typically between March and April, depending on the weather conditions.

In terms of size, this shrub typically reaches a height of around 1.5m and has a spread of up to 2m. It prefers a sunny or partially shaded position and can thrive in most types of soil, provided they are well-drained.

Forsythia Intermedia Week-End is a relatively low-maintenance plant that is easy to grow and care for. It requires little pruning, but if necessary, it can be pruned back after flowering to maintain its shape.

This stunning shrub is perfect for adding a pop of colour to borders, rockeries or woodland gardens. It also works well as a hedging plant or as a specimen shrub in a mixed border.

Overall, Forsythia Intermedia Week-End is a beautiful and versatile shrub that is sure to brighten up any garden in early spring.


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