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Forsythia Intermedia Spectabilis 3ltr

Forsythia Intermedia Spectabilis 3ltr

Forsythia Intermedia Spectabilis is a deciduous shrub that produces vibrant, golden-yellow flowers in early spring, making it a popular choice for gardens and landscapes across the UK. This stunning variety of Forsythia is known for its abundant and showy blooms, which often appear before the leaves emerge, creating a striking display of colour.

In terms of height, Forsythia Intermedia Spectabilis can grow up to 3 meters tall and spread to a width of around 2.5 meters, making it an ideal choice for large garden spaces or as a statement shrub in smaller gardens. This variety prefers full sun to partial shade and well-draining soils that are rich in organic matter. It is also relatively low maintenance and is tolerant of a range of soil types.

One of the key features of Forsythia Intermedia Spectabilis is its flowering time. This variety typically blooms in early spring, around March to April, and produces masses of bright yellow flowers that last for several weeks. The flowers emerge on the previous year’s growth, so it’s important to prune the shrub immediately after flowering to ensure optimal growth and blooming for the following year.

In terms of positioning, Forsythia Intermedia Spectabilis is best suited to a location that receives full sun or partial shade. It is also a great choice for a border or as a specimen shrub, where its vibrant blooms can be showcased. With proper care and attention, this variety can thrive in a range of garden settings, bringing a burst of colour and vitality to any outdoor space.


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