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The Edgeworthia Grandiflora, also known as the Chinese Paperbush, is a stunning, deciduous shrub that produces fragrant, yellow flowers in late winter or early spring. It’s a relatively slow-growing plant that can reach up to 2.5 meters in height and 2 meters in width, making it an ideal choice for medium-sized gardens or borders.

For the best growth, the Edgeworthia Grandiflora should be planted in a sheltered, partially shaded position in well-drained soil. It’s best to plant this shrub in autumn or early spring to give it time to establish before the colder months.

Feeding is not usually necessary for Edgeworthia Grandiflora, but it can benefit from a light application of a general-purpose fertiliser in the spring. Pruning should be kept to a minimum, and it’s best to remove any dead, damaged or diseased wood in the spring after flowering has finished.

The Edgeworthia Grandiflora produces fragrant, yellow flowers in late winter or early spring that are borne on bare stems before the foliage appears. The flowers are highly fragrant, and their scent can fill the garden on mild winter days. The foliage is also attractive, with blue-green leaves that turn yellow in the autumn before falling.

Overall, the Edgeworthia Grandiflora is a stunning, low-maintenance shrub that will add interest and fragrance to your garden in the winter months. It’s a great choice for those looking for a plant that is easy to care for but has a unique and striking appearance.


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