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Daphne Royal Crown

Daphne Royal Crown

Daphne Royal Crown is a stunning evergreen shrub that boasts an abundance of fragrant blooms and glossy foliage. It is a popular choice among gardeners due to its attractive appearance and lovely scent.

This shrub has a compact and rounded habit, growing to a height of around 1 meter and a spread of approximately 1.5 meters. It is an ideal choice for small gardens or as a low hedge or border plant. The Daphne Royal Crown is hardy and can tolerate most soil types, preferring a well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter.

The Royal Crown produces an array small yellow flowers in late winter to early spring. The blooms are incredibly fragrant and will fill your garden with a sweet aroma. The flowering time of Daphne Royal Crown is between February and April, making it a perfect choice for adding early-season interest to your garden.

When it comes to positioning, the Daphne Royal Crown thrives in partial shade to full sun. It prefers a sheltered spot that is protected from harsh winds and frost. It is recommended to avoid planting this shrub in areas that are prone to waterlogging or with a high level of alkaline soil.

In conclusion, Daphne Royal Crown is a superb shrub that is both visually stunning and beautifully fragrant. With its compact habit, lovely blooms, and glossy foliage, it is an ideal choice for small gardens or as a low hedge or border plant. Its flowering time, height, spread, and preferred position make it a great addition to any garden.


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