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Camellia 2ltr Femme Fatale

Camellia 2ltr Femme Fatale

Introducing the Camellia 2Ltr Femme Fatale – a captivating addition to your UK garden. This alluring evergreen shrub is a true statement piece, destined to become the star of your outdoor space. To ensure its best performance, plant it in a sheltered position with partial shade, ideally beneath taller trees or against a wall. The glossy, dark green foliage is a year-round treat for the eyes, but the real showstopper arrives in late winter to early spring when the Femme Fatale bursts into bloom.

To nurture this botanical seductress, feed it with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer during the spring and early summer months. Pruning should be minimal and should occur right after flowering to maintain its natural, graceful form and encourage abundant future blooms.

But that’s not all – the Camellia 2Ltr Femme Fatale also possesses an irresistible charm for pollinators. Its early-season blossoms offer a vital source of nectar, attracting bees and other pollinating insects to your garden. By inviting these essential creatures, you not only enhance the biodiversity of your outdoor space but also ensure a thriving ecosystem that benefits all living beings. Choose the Femme Fatale Camellia, and let your garden’s allure flourish.


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