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Bonemeal 2kg

Bonemeal 2kg

Bonemeal is a traditional and natural fertiliser that has been used for centuries to improve soil fertility and promote healthy plant growth. It is made by grinding up animal bones, such as those from cows, and then processing them to create a fine powder. Bonemeal is a rich source of phosphorus, which is essential for root development, as well as other trace minerals that are beneficial for plant growth.

Bonemeal is particularly useful for gardeners looking to improve the health of their flowering and fruiting plants, such as roses and tomatoes, as well as shrubs and trees. It can be added to soil before planting or used as a top dressing, and is often used in combination with other organic fertilisers, such as compost and manure, for optimal results. Bonemeal is a slow-release fertiliser, meaning that it provides a steady supply of nutrients over time, rather than all at once, which helps to promote sustained growth and healthy plant development.

To ensure safety, always read and follow the instruction label when using any product. Store products in a safe and appropriate location, away from children and pets. Keep hazardous materials separate and in their designated containers. Proper storage and usage can prevent accidents and ensure the longevity of the product.


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