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Azalea Magic Snow Pyramid 35cm

Azalea Magic Snow Pyramid 35cm

Azalea Magic Snow Pyramid is a beautiful flowering shrub that is perfect for adding a splash of colour and elegance to your garden or patio. With its stunning white blooms and compact, pyramid-shaped growth habit, this azalea variety is a popular choice among gardeners and landscapers alike.

Growing up to 1.5 meters in height and 1 meter in spread, Azalea Magic Snow Pyramid is a medium-sized shrub that can be grown in both containers and in the ground. It typically blooms in mid to late spring, with its white flowers lasting for several weeks.

To ensure optimal growth and flowering, Azalea Magic Snow Pyramid should be planted in a position that receives partial shade, with well-drained and slightly acidic soil. It is also important to ensure that the plant is protected from harsh winds and frost.

One of the key features of Azalea Magic Snow Pyramid is its ability to produce a profusion of blooms even in cooler climates. It is a hardy variety that can withstand temperatures as low as -15°C, making it a great choice for gardeners in colder regions.

In summary, Azalea Magic Snow Pyramid is a stunning shrub that offers a compact, pyramid-shaped growth habit and beautiful white blooms. With its hardy nature and ability to thrive in cooler climates, it is an ideal choice for gardeners looking for a versatile and low-maintenance plant that can add a touch of elegance to their garden or patio.


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